A website for a fintech product, Humans.uz — a case study


  • To come up with the most appropriate design concept for a non yet existing product and create prototypes.
  • To design a website that would go along with the product launch: from finding the visual language to thorough tuning of every animation.
  • To design 2D and 3D objects for the entire marketing communication.
  • To provide tech support of the website and adapt the pages to the rapidly increasing amount of content.

Developing concepts

The websites that were used as references: pitch.com, useplink.com, mogney.com и onesharedhouse2030.com
The websites that were used as references by the client: pitch.com, useplink.com, mogney.com and onesharedhouse2030.com
3D creating process

Solutions used on the website

  • A UI kit to ease support services
  • On-scroll animation
  • Plan calculator
  • Coverage map
  • Blog

The technologies used

The outcome

  • If the product’s design is “raw”, don’t be afraid to do more than the client asked you to. If your task is to develop the website only, make the most of it and elaborate on the slogan and the key visual. If the design concept makes sense from the start, the design you make will align with it and the whole product will remain consistent.
  • Try to get to know your client and find out more about their expectations. The more you communicate, the easier it is to reach your common goals.
  • Your design presentation skills are vital, because the client has to feel you are confident about the solutions you’ve come up with.



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